This may be one of the most difficult tasks on the list but it is incredibly important. Getting rid of the extra items in your house will help potential home buyers see how much space they are getting with the house. Clean off all tables and countertops, including coffee tables, end tables, bed side tables, dining and kitchen tables, and kitchen and bathroom counters. Hide any personal items and leave minimal decorations. When decluttering, have a yard sale or donate things you want to get rid of and consider getting a storage unit for excess items you are wanting to keep.

Thoroughly clean

Clean your house from top to bottom. A nice clean home gives the impression that the house has been well cared for and maintained.

Clear off the refrigerator

Depersonalize the house by removing magnets and papers from the refrigerator. You want to give home buyers a blank slate to picture themselves in the house.

Use an essential oil diffuser

If you can smell it, you can't sell it! Along with cleaning and removing anything that may have an offensive odor, you want to make your house smell fresh and clean. An essential oil diffuser gives continuous coverage without the aroma being too strong. which can be the case for many spray fresheners. Use a citrus oil in the kitchen and a lavender in the bedrooms/living areas.

Empty the garbage 

Consider hiding the trash can under the sink or in a cabinet if possible. 

Freshen the garbage disposal

Remove any bad smells by running lemon or orange slices through the disposal. 

Light, light, light

Turn on all the lights and open blinds to let in natural light. a well-lit home gives an inviting feel and makes rooms seem bigger. 

Make sure all light bulbs work and match

All of the light bulbs in a room should be the same shade and intensity. 

Put up pet bowls and beds

Some home buyers may have an aversion to animals so you wan to hide any evidence of your pets. 

Keep surfaces clear 

Keeping things decluttered will help you be ready for showings with short notice. 

Make beds

This goes right along with keeping the house showing ready. having the beds made and well kept allows buyers to focus on what is important, the house. 

Complete basic yardwork and lawn care

A fresh mow, new mulch, and weed free landscaping sets a good precedent going into a showing. 

Add live greenery

Flowers and potted plants are a great addition both inside and out. 

Freshen up regular wear and tear

This includes paint touch ups and re-caulking. 

Complete any repairs

Any of the small annoyances that have been overlooked (squeaky door, leaky faucet, broken drawers) get them taken care of before a potential buyer notices them. Buyers may offer you less if they have to make the repairs themselves. 

Create an inviting space

This can be done by simply adding a throw blanket or decorative pillows to beds and sofas. 

Make the entryway welcoming 

The last thing a buyer wants to do when walking into a showing is see how little storage the house has. Keep all excess shoes, jackets, etc. packed up or hidden from sight. 

Paint in neutral shades

Neutral paint depersonalizes the space and helps buyers to be able to picture their things in the space. 

Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorite house selling tips.